To market, to market

Well, it was a big day! A few late nights in the lead up and a head full of things to remember. The whole process was an insight into what dedicated stall holders put in to their businesses week in and out. Hard work.

The organisers of the event were at it all day, setting up and coordinating all the arrivals and setting up. It was lovely to glimpse all the handmade hard work as I arrived to put together my little making room. The atmosphere was friendly and everyone seemed curious about each other’s wares. Many beautiful things.

Once the market was ‘open’ it was a buzz of people. I think that our area really needs these kind of events. They bring people together and expose talents, creativity and an all important community feeling. That was certainly my feeling, anyway!

I slept very well afterwards and felt proud to have held my first stall, and a few people even took home some of my treasures!



Welcome to my room

Hello from the making room.

one of my cards - 'hello'

the making room is my studio, my creative space, my haven from the routine of real life.

I seek out materials that have a history, put them in the making room, mix them up and send them out again with new purpose.

There are paints, pencils, fabrics, papers and collected treasures waiting to be assembled. The materials I use help to dictate the project or the piece that I am going to create. I like to make things that have some personality; that can evoke a memory or a story.

I reuse, recycle and reinvent, relishing the unexpected as it emerges, or delighting in the completion of a creative plan.

I’m working towards a market in November, which will be my first! eek!

So many things to think of!

So much to make!

So lovely to be in the making room. I hope you like it here too.